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We offer a wide variety of truck maintenance and repair services here at Hayden Truck Repair. Below is a list detailing our primary services. If you have any more specific needs not mentioned below, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your needs. Our family has been fixing trucks for three generations, so there’s not much we can’t tackle!

Service & Routine Maintenance

Nobody enjoys a broken down truck. We offer the best service and routine maintenance around. A service shouldn’t be just any normal routine. It should be a stepping stone to keeping your truck feeling like new. When we service your truck we don’t just do the standard service. We take a good look into the heart of what keeps a truck going, we find the small problems before they become the bigger problems down the road.


Repairs tend to be costly and the timing is never convenient. We specialize in finding, repairing and making sure there are no other underlying problems. From small things such as shorts, to engine work we will care for your truck start to finish to get you running good as new.


With technology evolving so should your mechanic. We have the programs and knowledge for your trucks electrical needs. From faulty wiring, to ECM repairs we have the tools to fully reboot your truck to its youth.


Do your tires wear uneven or much faster than usual? Sick of fighting the road? Pushing and pulling can really take a toll. An alignment will pay for itself in more than one way. We offer alignment services for trucks, trailers, and motor homes. With our vast alignment experience we will deduce the reason for your tire wear fixing the problem using our MD Alignment System. An alignment can be the difference between fighting the road or enjoying the ride.


Brakes are vital component to trucks whether it is the brake pads, the air brake system, or the brake can. We will make sure your truck is in stopping condition. We have a variety of programs to diagnose your ABS needs. Truck or trailer we have you covered.

A/C Repairs

Is your Air Conditioner feeling weak or not working at all? We know how frustrating that can be. We offer A/C Repairs as well as charging to keep you in the comfort zone.

Diagnostic Troubleshoot Codes

Just like a therapist we have the programs to read your trucks troubles- troubleshoot codes that is. We have the software to read your ECM’s DTC’s to find the problem and quickly work toward a solution. From ECM to ABS we have you covered with efficient repairs.


Problems can vary some are obvious and expected, while some come out of the blue. Whatever the case give us a call because “you never know”.